Fire of Anatolia Show

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Fire of Anatolia Show
Price 45 € per person
Tour Duration
Suitable for children Suitable
Tour Guide
Transportation Free Transfer
 Gloria Aspendos Arena
6 - 11 Age
0 - 5 Age
Tour Days Friday
Included Insurance, transportation, dinner, Aspendos Arena entrance ticket
Excluded Drinks
Bring with You Water, towel and cover to avoid disturbing from the stiffness of the mini seats


You will watch the dance group show with 21 years of experience.

You will get to know the eastern and western cultures with dance performances.

You will be in Gloria Aspendos Arena, which has the title of the biggest stage in the world.

Tour Program

  • You will be picked up from the hotel where you stay and head out to Aspendos Arena.
  • You arrive at the arena.
  • You will take your places in the arena, directed by the tour guide.
  • The first act of the Anatolian Fire show begins.
  • In the first scene of the first act, you watch the dances "Mountain of the Gods - Nemrut Fire Ceremony, Fire Rivers, Fire Dances, Tree of Life". The motives of this scene are: "Inspired by from the Central Asian Shaman Turks, from Zarathustra and the Yezidi Kurds, Alevi Semah figures and Southeast folk dances."
  • In the second scene, you watch the dances titled "Pandora, Army of Darkness, Prisoner Prometeus, Eagles, Liberation, Satir - Prometeus' Resurrection Dance, Love Trilogy, Bright Days, War Dances, Victory of Darkness, Oriental, Victory of Darkness 2". The motives of this scene are: "Eastern Anatolia, Aegean and Mediterranean."
  • Intermission
  • You will have time to walk around the arena and take photos and videos.
  • The second act of the Anatolian Fire show begins.
  • In the first scene of the second act, you watch the dances entitled "Lament, Ghost Dancers, Army of Light, Return to the World of Evil, War Mosaic, Enthusiasm of the Waves". The motifs of this scene are: "Eastern Anatolian, Inner West Aegean, Istanbul and Black Sea dances have been used."
  • The second scene begins.
  • In the final scene, in the third scene, you watch the dances called "Ramo, The Tree of Life, Replication, Call". The motives of this scene are: "Thrace and Balkan Dances Inspired."
  • For dinner, you will go to a stylish and beautiful restaurant.
  • You set off towards Side.
  • When you arrive in Side, you are dropped off to your hotel.

General İnformation About the Tour

The Anatolian Fire show consists of 2 acts and a total of 5 scenes.

There are different motifs and dance fictions in each scene.

The dance show takes about 1.5 hours.

An event that families with children can participate in.

There is a dinner program after the show.

There is a free seating system in the arena.

You will watch 27 different dance shows in total.

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