Rafting Combo 1

2 Different Tours in 1 Day For Excitement, Adventure and Adrenaline Seekers

  • Rafting Combo 1
Rafting Combo 1
Rafting & Buggy
Price 38 € per person
Total Time
Suitable for Children Available
Guidance languages
Transfer Paid transfer

Rafting Combo 1 prices

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Operating Days Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Transfer Transfers not included. Contact for pricing details.
Inclusions Insurance, transportation, lunch, rafting equipment (helmet, paddle and life jacket), buggy protective equipment, buggy test driving
Additional Costs Drinks, water shoes rental or purchase (optional)
Don't Forget to Pack Towels, swimwear, a change of clothes, sunscreen, sandals, hats, sneakers, bandanna

Experiences Rafting Combo 1

You will visit Oluk Bridge, which gives name to Köprülü Canyon.

You will learn the history and story of Oluk Bridge.

You will have photos that are taken at Oluk Köprü.

You will have been in one of Turkey's leading rafting trail.

You will learn to drive buggy.

Rafting Combo 1 Itinerary

  • You will be picked up from the hotels you staye in Side and set off towards Köprülü Canyon National Park.
  • When you arrive at the canyon, you will rest at the tables that are located under the trees by the riverside.
  • Your rafting protective equipments are given to you by the employees.
  • When you are ready, you will go to the top of the canyon with service vehicles. Your journey will take about 7-8 minutes.
  • When you arrive at the top of the canyon, your boats will be waiting for you as landed on water.
  • Before aboard the boats, you will be informed about the rules you must follow and how to pull the paddle while you move along in the river stream, by the boat captains.
  • When you get on your boats and take your place, your rafting adventure will starts.
  • You will paddle 7 kilometers to the Oluk Bridge area. When you arrive at the bridge, a half hour break is given.
  • You will visit Oluk Bridge and the history and story of the bridge will be told. You will have time to take photos and videos.
  • Entertaining activities are organized in the river with rafting teams.
  • You will continue the adventure from where you left off.
  • In areas where the river has calm, you can enjoy with ice cold water by jumping from the boat.
  • When you arrive at the meeting area, you will be at the end of your 14-kilometer rafting adventure.
  • You will take a lunch break.
  • You will watch your rafting adventure in a short film format. You can buy the photos and videos that you like.
  • You meet your needs like toilet, sink, shower and changing cabinets.
  • You are picked up from the meeting area by service vehicles and set off towards the buggy safari meeting area.
  • When you arrive at the place, you will be informed about how to use the buggy, what to pay attention to and what to do in case of a possible mishap by the team.
  • You will do a test drive.
  • After all preparations are completed, you will start the tour with buggy vehicles.
  • After passing all muddy, rugged, stony, grounded and puddled roads, you will take a short break.
  • You will can lay down or swim by the riverside during a break.
  • You will continue to safari.
  • At the end of the tour, you can buy your photos and videos taken by a professional photographer team.
  • You will set off towards the hotels you stay in in Side by service vehicles.

Tour Overview Rafting Combo 1

Rafting Combo 1 2

It is a tour that appeals to everyone who loves adventure and adrenaline.

You will have your lunch next to the Köprüçay River.

You will get training as theoretical and practical for Buggy vehicles.

You will reach the buggy safari area from the rafting area with air-conditioned service vehicles.

Buggy trails have been specially designed.

The trails include rough, muddy, stony, grounded and pounded areas.

Paddle,helmet and life jacket are provided as rafting equipment. You will not pay any rental fee for these equipments.

Water shoes are rented and sold in the rafting meeting area.

We are suggesting bringing bandana with you for a buggy safari.

Buggy vehicles are 2-person vehicles. You can be in the same buggy vehicle with your friend during the tour.

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