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Santiano Charter Gulet Cruise

Capacity: 25 person
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42 €Per person
4 Hour Yacht Tour
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Yacht Features
Type Gulet
Model Custom Built
Yacht Name Santiano
Capacity 25 person
Cabin 1
Bathroom/wc 1
Length 15 m
Width 5 m
Crew 2
Speed 10 Knots
Building Year 2022
Re-fit Year
Location of harbour Side
  • Dürbün
  • Güverte hoparlörleri
  • GPS
  • Buzdolabı
  • Çarşaf nevresim
  • Yüzme merdiveni
  • Barbekü
  • Modern yemek grubu
  • Diving Masks
  • Snorkel
  • Swimming Ladder
First Yacht Tour Option
4 Hour Yacht Tour
Santiano custom-built Gulet Side is one of the newest built gulets to cruise on. Ideal for special occasions and celebrations.
Tour duration 4 hour
Tour route Traveling with the new Gulet from Side marina to Sorgun region and blue bay is made with 3 swimming breaks.
Food and drinks Included
Food menu Meatballs, chicken, fish, spaghetti, shepherd's salad, wet chocolate cake, 8-10 kinds of seasonal fruits and soft drinks.
Bringing food and drinks you can bring alcohol with you.
Transfer Excluded
Morning tour 10:00-15:00
Sunset tour 16:00-21:00
Prepeyment %20
4 Hour Yacht Tour Prices
  • 1 person: 600
  • 2 person: 600 Per person:
  • 3 person: 600 Per person:
  • 4 person: 600 Per person:
  • 5 person: 600 Per person:
  • 6 person: 600 Per person:
  • 7 person: 600 Per person:
  • 8 person: 600 Per person:
  • 9 person: 600 Per person:
  • 10 person: 600 Per person:
  • 11 person: 630 Per person:
  • 12 person: 660 Per person:
  • 13 person: 690 Per person:
  • 14 person: 720 Per person:
  • 15 person: 750 Per person:
  • 16 person: 780 Per person:
  • 17 person: 810 Per person:
  • 18 person: 840 Per person:
  • 19 person: 870 Per person:
  • 20 person: 900 Per person:
  • 21 person: 930 Per person:
  • 22 person: 960 Per person:
  • 23 person: 990 Per person:
  • 24 person: 1020 Per person:
  • 25 person: 1050 Per person:
Second Yacht Tour Option
Create Your Own Yacht Tour
You get to choose the length of the boat ride, the activities, the sites to visit, and the food and beverages that will be provided
Minimum yacht tour duration 4
Maximum yacht tour duration 6
Changing route Changeable
Altering the food menu Changeable
Concept for celebrations and organizations Can be organized
Professional fishing Unavailable
Professional photographer Available
Water sports At the water sports center
Prepeyment %20
Prices for Personalized Yacht Tours

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