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Side Diving Tour

Dive into the Underwater Wonders of Side.

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Side Diving Tour
Price 28 € per person
Total Time 7 hous
Suitable for Children Available
Guidance languages En, De, Tr, Ru
Transfer Free Transfer

In the serene Mediterranean waters, the Side Diving Tour provides a distinctive chance to discover the magic of the underwater realm.

Diving in Side

By diving in Side, you can get up close and personal with the underwater riches and mysteries of this historic region.

Side Diving Tour prices

Diving Participant
(+12 ages)
Boat Tour Participant
(+7 ages)
Boat Tour Participant
(0-6 ages)
Operating Days Everyday
Total Time 7 hous (Including Transfer Time)
Transfer Transfer Included in the Price
Pick-Up Time 08:30 (The timing for your pickup will be specifically tailored to your location.)
Beginning Time 09:00
Drop-Off Time 16:00 (Around)
Guidance languages En, De, Tr, Ru
Inclusions Insurance, guidance, training, transportation, lunch and diving equipment are included in the price.
Additional Costs Additional fees apply for beverages and underwater photography and videos.
Don't Forget to Pack Swimsuits, towels, hats, and some cash are required for your underwater photos and videos.

Experiences Side Diving Tour

  • Dive opportunity with a unique sculpture exhibition at the New Side Underwater Museum.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch on board while taking in the Mediterranean views.
  • Explore the art of underwater at Turkey's first and largest underwater museum through scuba diving.
  • An extraordinary underwater exploration trip amidst historical and archaeological remains beneath the sea.
  • Opportunity to receive professional scuba diving training with experienced and certified divers as your guides.

Side Diving Tour Itinerary

  • 08.00 – 09.00: With the first light of the day, our comfortable service will pick you up from your hotel and take you to our boat at Side Harbor where the adventure begins.
  • 09.00 – 09.30: Dive preparation: Our multilingual professional instructors will share diving tips and safety information.
  • 09.30: Journey begins: Our boat sets sail towards the fascinating diving location.
  • 10.00: First dive: Diving is done accompanied by instructors, exploring the colorful world of the aquarium.
  • 12.30: Lunch break: Lunch service consisting of chicken sauté, rice, and fresh seasonal salad.
  • 13.30: Second dive: Diving into the depths of the sea again, exploring a different area this time.
  • 16.00: End of the day: After completing the dives, return to Side Harbor and a comfortable journey back to our guests' hotels.

Tour Overview Side Diving Tour

Side Diving Tour 2

Explore Side Diving Tours and Scuba Programs

At Side Diving Center, we offer specially crafted diving experiences for those eager to explore the mesmerizing world beneath the waves. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your underwater journey or a certified diver seeking thrilling adventures, our Side diving programs have something for everyone.

If you're new to diving, our experienced instructors are here to provide you with a safe and enjoyable introduction to side diving. You'll have the opportunity to interact with the vibrant marine life of the Mediterranean, from swimming with fish in natural aquariums to exploring underwater sculptures in museums. It's an unforgettable experience that will ignite your passion for diving in Side.

Beginner-Friendly Scuba Diving in Side

Our Side diving tours include comprehensive training for beginners. Our instructors ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge before you embark on your diving adventure. Safety is our top priority, and we maintain constant communication with divers throughout the experience.

During our program, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy two dives a day. The first dive takes you to a natural aquarium with depths ranging from 3 to 5 meters, where you can feed fish and capture amazing photos and videos. The second dive, at depths of 5 to 12 meters, invites you to explore underwater museums and their captivating sculptures. Each dive lasts about 20 minutes, offering a total of 40 minutes of scuba diving in Side to create lasting memories.

Certified Scuba Diving Adventures

If you're a certified diver, our Side scuba diving programs will take you on exciting underwater journeys. Dive into the depths of the Mediterranean and explore sunken ships and specially designed underwater museums. These unique experiences will enhance your diving skills and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Our first dive will take you to a sunken ship and an underwater museum at a depth of 25 meters, guided by a professional instructor. The second dive occurs in a different area, in an underwater museum filled with sculptures, at a depth of 12 meters. Each dive lasts between 40 to 45 minutes, or longer, depending on your air supply.

Why Side for Your Diving Adventure?

Side is renowned as one of Turkey's premier diving destinations. Its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life make it the perfect place for diving in Side.

The underwater world of Side boasts colorful reefs, mysterious wrecks, and diverse marine life. While diving in Side, you may encounter rare fish, turtles, and even dolphins. A Side diving tour is more than an activity; it's an adventure that creates unforgettable memories.

Side is also a haven for underwater photographers. Capture stunning underwater landscapes during your Side diving trips and share this unique experience with your photos. Side offers an excellent opportunity to explore the beauty of the underwater world.

The region features various diving spots, each offering unique underwater landscapes and creatures. The diversity of Side promises a new adventure with every dive:

  • Colorful coral reefs and rich biodiversity
  • Historical wrecks and mysterious underwater structures waiting to be explored
  • Scenic spots for underwater photography
  • Diving courses and training suitable for divers of all levels
  • New experiences at different diving sites with each visit

Side is also an ideal destination for beginner divers. Numerous diving schools and courses offer training suitable for divers of all levels, ensuring you can safely and enjoyably experience diving in Side.

From Beginner to Advanced: Diving Courses in Side

Side provides an excellent starting point for those eager to explore the magical underwater world. Our Side diving courses cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced divers. These courses allow sea enthusiasts to safely and enjoyably explore the underwater world.

  • Minimum Age Limit: Diving activities are open to participants as young as 10, while licensed diving courses require a minimum age of 14. Anyone meeting these age requirements can participate in Side diving training and earn a worldwide-recognized license.
  • Diving Training: Diving courses in Side are offered by internationally recognized training organizations such as PADI, CMAS, and TSSF, catering to both beginners and advanced divers.
  • PADI Courses: Many diving centers in Side offer PADI courses, covering basic diving skills to advanced techniques.
  • CMAS and TSSF Courses: These organizations are recognized in Turkey and focus on local requirements, ideal for those who want to dive in Turkish waters.
  • Side Underwater Museum Dives: Note that only licensed divers can explore the Side Underwater Museum due to depth and safety requirements. This unique museum offers a mysterious underwater world.

Side diving courses open the doors to the underwater world for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, you can enhance your skills and discover the unique underwater world of Side.

Discover the Best Diving Spots in Side

Side's diving spots offer unique adventures in the calm waters of the Mediterranean. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, you'll find excellent diving spots for diving in Side. Explore the colorful and diverse marine life beneath the sea:

Here are some of the best Side diving spots to guide you on your unique diving experience:

  • Near Apollo Temple: Dive among historical ruins
  • Manavgat Underwater Cave: Ideal for mysterious cave explorations
  • Little Island: Abundant marine life and underwater diversity
  • Side Wrecks: Exciting dives in sunken ships
  • Protected Coral Reefs: Colorful corals and rich marine life
  • Side Underwater Museum: A unique experience with underwater sculptures

Seasonal Diving Guide: When to Dive in Side?

The best time for diving in Side is from April 15 to November 15. During this period, the Mediterranean waters are clear, and current conditions are favorable for an exceptional diving experience. Special tours can be arranged for groups larger than eight people outside the official diving season, customized to your group's needs.

Monitor sea and weather conditions online during your holiday to make the most of Side's diving conditions. Choosing the right day for diving will ensure you have an unforgettable experience in Side's crystal-clear waters.

Understanding the impact of weather on diving conditions and planning accordingly is crucial for a pleasant and safe diving experience in Side.

Explore Reefs in Side and Discover Unique Marine Life

Side is a preferred diving destination, offering the chance to experience the rich underwater ecosystem of the Mediterranean. The region is famous for its reefs along the Antalya coast and various marine species. During a Side scuba diving tour, divers can encounter Mediterranean-specific marine life within this stunning natural habitat, respecting and protecting the natural habitats of these creatures.

During your Side diving adventures, you may encounter:

  • Colorful fish and schools
  • Various coral species
  • Starfish and sea urchins
  • Underwater plants native to the Mediterranean
  • Local sea turtles and other marine animals

Discover the Side Underwater Museum: History and Details

Located in Side, Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey, the Side Underwater Museum is the country's first and most impressive underwater museum. Situated about 1.5 miles off the coast of Side, between depths of 12 and 20 meters, this unique museum invites you to explore the mysteries of the sea bed.

Initiated by the Antalya Chamber of Maritime Commerce, this museum is considered the second major example of underwater art in the world, following the famous underwater museum in Mexico. The Side Underwater Museum hosts a collection of 117 works created by Turkish sculptors, grouped under five different themes. These works can be explored by diving, and visitors are advised to have a professional diving certificate.

Key details about the Side Underwater Museum include:

  • Location: Side, Manavgat, 1.5 miles offshore, 12-20 meters deep
  • Project: Initiated by the Antalya Chamber of Maritime Commerce
  • Visiting Hours and Prices: Vary depending on the tour program
  • Sculptures and Exhibitions: Works of historical and cultural significance
  • Experience Type: Suitable for divers of all levels

The sculptures displayed in the museum are designed to integrate into the underwater ecosystem without causing harm and serve as a natural reef. Visitors can explore various themes, including Çanakkale and Independence War themes, the giant statue of Poseidon, Apollo Temple, historical camel caravans, Mevlana, and whirling dervishes. Additionally, the flower garden commemorating children who lost their lives at sea during the Syrian war offers unforgettable moments. Since 2015, the Side Underwater Museum has hosted over 50,000 visitors, continuing to attract diving enthusiasts worldwide.

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